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Great Examples for Hyperintegration

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Great example of a  service that is hyperintegrated into Office365

"Cloud Power for Law Firms
Cloud-powered Office 365 has the applications you know and rely on – always up to date and accessible from virtually anywhere. But legal professionals face unique challenges. You must provide great service to your clients, make sure you accurately attribute your time to billable activity, and hopefully have enough time left over to enjoy life.
So, your investment in services should support these challenges and make a real positive impact on your business. Taking some of the most commonly used services used by law firms, Office 365 and QuickBooks Online, we have created Matter 365. We transform the world’s leading productivity suite to a matter-centric service that supports many of your work-day challenges."

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This service integrates and sometimes hyperintegrates into a whole lot of services. Integration masters!

"Connect Your Apps and Automate Workflows
Easy automation for busy people. Zapier moves info between your web apps automatically, so you can focus on your most important work."

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So this is a little tricky: although Unito itself is a sync solution: To do it's job it is hyperintegrated into quite a lot project management services.

"Unito connects collaboration tools so you can work in sync."

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Resources for Hyperintegration

Here you can find helpful resources for any hyperintegration effort.
I have not tested any of these services, neither is mentioning them here any sign of quality, that you have to check on your own.

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"Embedded scheduling for SaaS
We believe that time should be spent on more productive and fulfilling tasks than organizing schedules. Cronofy’s calendar APIs allow software to connect to calendars, creating great scheduling experiences. Whether you want to build your own solutions or use one of our existing features, we’re here to help."

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"Integrate with One Email API and Connect with Every Inbox
The Nylas Email API acts as a layer of abstraction on top of all email providers. With just a few lines of code, developers can add full-featured, bi-directional email sync to their applications with ease."

Resources: Portfolio
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