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Meet the authors


Mario Scheliga

Passionate Software Engineer, Nerd

I spent nearly all my life on programming applications, tinkering with new technologies and in my spare time loosing my mind on "Gödel Escher Bach". In the last 20 years, from Basic to AutoML, TensorFlow - I was always curious on what the next thing in software development will be. And it only got better so far... The only thing that makes me sad is that there are so many sub par APIs out there.

I am also keen on sharing my insights, my code, reading other peoples code and learn, learn, learn. So please feel free to contact me, then I can also explain to you what DDD is. (D)ream (D)riven (D)evelopment is when you start from the other end, by using a piece of software before it exists. (just ask me and I will explain)


Andreas Gauger (aka Gaugi, GG)

Investor, Product Nerd

I love products. I can never get enough of trying out new products and services as they emerge. I will suffer when the user experience is sloppy and not much makes me more happy than a terrific user experience.

I am close to the hosting industry since it was invented and I am still involved. But my actual passion is to re-think personal communications and productivity apps. I am getting mad when I see how many different messaging apps I have to use. And although I think Google or Microsoft do a good job offering us such apps I am convinced that it can be done much better. So I am on the lookout for new teams and new ideas in this space.

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